10 Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

10 Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains a number of powerful properties that are useful in keeping skin healthy. Not only that, it has been used as a traditional medicine in many countries. This home remedy is to kill lots of strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi. With several benefits, tea tree oil is considered one of the common and effective cures for many infections. Unlike other medicines, tea tree oil is safe and inexpensive. So, it has been used widely in the world. There are a lot of amazing benefits about tea tree oil that you may not know.

1. Prevents acne

There is no doubt about the benefits of tea tree oil in keeping your skin health. It’s really effective in curing and preventing acne. Tea tree oil is rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial components. These help kill bacteria that cause your acne. The product goes deep into the pores to reduce toxins and stop clogging. Besides, it lightens scars and limits inflammation. If your skin is dry, tea tree oil will supply moisture. Otherwise, it will keep your skin’s natural oil in a balance. You can mix tea tree oil and honey together to apply pimple.


2. Promotes glowing skin

Tea tree oil doesn’t cause dryness and peeling on your skin. But it helps leave glowing skin that everyone wanted. The antioxidant component in tea tree oil also fights against wrinkles and lines on your face. This limits premature aging and keeps your skin healthy.

3. Kills the infection

Cold sore (oral herpes) often occurs in most of people. The infection is mostly caused by the herpes simplex virus. With fever blisters around mouth or lips, cold sores always disturb your life. So, how to get rid of  fever blisters is really essential. The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic are found in tea tree oil will kill the infection fast. These help shorten the healing process and boost recovery. So, it’s seen one of the effective treatments to cure cold sores.

Not only that, ProsurX has been used widely and introduced by lots of people. It kills the virus both on the surface and in the deepest layers of the skin. Thus, the virus can’t live and recur. You may not feel itch and discomfort after applying several times.


4. Treats psoriasis and eczema

Most people use tea tree oil as a familiar medicine to heal their skin diseases. Both psoriasis and eczema cause itching and redness on your skin. Tea tree oil is used to cure these signs. It contains more anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-microbial components. These are excellent in curing some signs of psoriasis and eczema. Tea tree oil also goes deep into the skin layers and limits the appearance of scars. Besides, it’s useful in reduce dryness because of these conditions.

5. Fights skin cancers

Skin cancer is developing in the US. It’s one of the top diagnosed cancers in this nation. You can use tea tree oil to prevent skin cancer. It works by activating the immune system fight against skin cancer. In addition, with wonderful properties, tea tree oil will help protect yourself from skin cancers and other diseases.


6. Boosts wound healing

Besides preventing infections, tea tree oil also promotes wound healing. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in tea tree will decrease healing and help your wound recover fast. A few drops of tea tree oil will be beneficial in your wound.

7. Reduces hair loss

Hair loss is a trouble of all people. Hair loss in a long time may make you unconfident and stressful. Thus, it’s essential to treat it. The stimulant property in tea tree oil will be helpful for treating hair problems. If you’re suffering from hair loss or dandruff, try to apply amount of tea tree oil to you scalp. It may increase blood flow that helps your follicle healthy. Then, it will improve your hair loss.

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8. Increases hygiene

No matter where you live, it’s important to focus on hygiene. Especially, if you’re living in moist and hot climate, you’re easy to get diseases and infections. Fungi, bacteria and germs like to live in humid, wet environment. Thus, people who live in this environment usually get infections and diseases. But you shouldn’t be worried, tea tree will help you. It’s rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that kill hundreds of fungi or bacteria.

9. Treats toenail fungus and ringworm

Ringworm and toenail fungus are caused by fungi that love living in moist environment. The anti-inflammatory and anti-viral in tea tree are beneficial in killing fungi. Besides, you can use Fugacil. The anti-fungal cream is one of the best treatments to cure fungal infections. It will kill the fungi in lower skin layers. Thus, the virus dies fast. Fugacil also prevents the virus from spreading.


10. Other benefits

Tea tree oils is used not only in curing disease but also in cleaning household. With powerful antimicrobial components, tea tree will remove dirt and clean furniture in your household. You can mix it with vinegar, water and water. Then, use it on kitchen, toilet, shower and sinks. It will bring to excellent results.

Tea tree oil is a wonderful product. It’s safe and doesn’t cause side effects in most people. But it still has a little reaction for people who have sensitive skin. If your skin is sensitive, you may feel redness and burning. So, you need to keep it away from your eyes or sensitive area. Besides, tea tree oil also leads to stomachache, diarrhea in a few cases. Generally, tea tree oil is really effective. If you have problems with it, try to stop using.






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