6 Things Your Lips Tell About Your Health

6 Things Your Lips Tell About Your Health

All parts of your body always tell how your health is. They can be a signal of your health condition. You may have acne when you’re stressful or keeping bad lifestyle habits; for example. You also contract sexually transmitted diseases if your genital area has special signs. Besides, there are lots of different signs that parts of the body tells about your health. Your lips also like that. They can be seen the window of your health. Based on their colors and signs, you can know whether your health is strong or not. When you’re sick, your lips often get dry and begin to crack. Or they can shiver if you have cold. Thus, taking a look at your lips is essential to understand your health.

1. Dry lips

You may experience dry lips frequently. This occurs because of drying weather or basic dehydration. Lips become drier if the weather is too dry. They can be also cracked and bleeding. Besides, water deficiency may cause dry lips fast. They become easy to crack and peel. Of course, you shouldn’t hope how sexy your lips look if they’re dry. The best way you can do is to supply enough water for your body, at least 2 liters per day. It’s important for you to apply ointments, coconut oil or olive oil to your lips. They’re useful to help improve your dry lips effectively.

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2. Cracked at the corners

If your lips are cracked at the corners of your mouth, what you will know about your health. There are lots of causes which lead to your condition. But the common reasons are a fungal infection, poor diet and lack of vitamins. These may cause painful sores at the corner or inside your mouth. Sometimes, cracks can be a sign of diabetes. To treat this issue, you need to get enough nutrients for the body. When your lips are harmed by fungi, you can apply Fugacil to kill them and improve your lips condition.

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3. Cold sores

Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus. The infection is too common than many people think. It usually occurs with fever blisters around your mouth or lips. Or it even causes cracks in the corners. Once contracting the virus, outbreaks often recur due to lack of sleep or stress. Cold sores may make you feel embarrassed at the office. In fact, there’re lots of reasons that lead to your cold sores. They can be poor diet, weakened immune system, too much sunlight and to be infected.

If you want to remove them, you should boost your immune system by healthy diet. It’s essential for you to take enough vitamins like B2, zinc, iron, lysine. You may also use soothing oils such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and lemon balm. Besides, you can apply ProsurX to treat your cold sores. It’s an anti-viral cream that kills the virus in deep skin layers. Then, the virus dies fast and can’t spread.

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4. Swelling and tenderness

If you’re developing a swelling and tenderness on your lips, it may be the sign of an allergic reaction. You may be allergic to cosmetics such as lipstick, face wash or toothpaste. In this case, you should stop the products causing your problem. But in severe cases, Crohn’s disease may lead to problems on your lips. It generally causes swelling in the bowel.

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5. Pale lips

When your lips get pale from rosy color, you can be suffer from anemia. Paleness of your lips may also result from lack of sunlight or low blood sugar. They’re signals that you need to provide enough vitamins for your body. Red meat, grains and green vegetables are beneficial for you. In severe condition, the blood which doesn’t get enough oxygen may lead to your pale lips. As you know, lips are rosy because the skin allows blood vessel to become visible. So, anything that affects the blood will change skin on the lips and make them pale. You need to add iron foods in your diets that may help improve your condition.

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6. Burning lips

If you experience burning lips, it can be a sign of your health issue. You need to understand that burning lips, tongue and throat are linked to vitamin B12 deficiency. They can be connected with depression and menopause. The hormonal changes of menopause can affect the saliva and cause burning lips. Besides, emotional disorders like anxiety, stress and depression will result in this condition. Sometimes, your burning lips can be caused by an allergy. To prevent this condition, you should take more vitamin B12 and avoid factors that cause your burning lips.

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Your lips can tell about your health rightly. Moreover, beautiful lips may make you sexier and prettier. Thus, you need to take care of your health as well as improve health of your lips. Keeping them moisture is important to prevent dryness and cracks. You should use essential oils like olive, coconut and tea tree oil. Also, try to boost your lip health by healthy foods. Rich vitamins, iron, zinc mineral foods are beneficial in enhancing your lips.



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