Excellent Vitamins for Cold Sores

Excellent Vitamins for Cold Sores

Cold sore (oral herpes) is caused by the herpes simplex virus. As the virus lives in the nerve cells, an infected person tends to develop outbreaks during his or her life. Besides, oral herpes is a highly contagious infection, so people are easy to get it.  According to estimation, 9 in every 10 people contract the infection. Apart from leading discomfort, the infection causes fever blisters that are so ugly and embarrassing. Unluckily, you can’t treat oral herpes totally. But treatments can relieve its symptoms and prevent outbreaks. In some of oral herpes treatments, vitamins are seen one of the beneficial cures for cold sores. They help provide healing fast and boost your immune systems. That’s why people with cold sores should provide enough vitamins to their immune system. Here are some excellent vitamins for cold sores.

Best vitamins for cold sores

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is seen one of the effective cures to treat skin problems like acne and wrinkle. Thus, it can help recover hurt skin because of fever blisters around your mouth or on your lips. Not only that, it provides healing time fast. You may get vitamin A from some foods like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes or lettuce. But too much vitamin A can lead to toxicity. So you should take enough foods with vitamin A. If you’re taking vitamin A supplements, try to take the recommended dose.

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Vitamin B6

It’s useful in healing cold sores. Adding vitamin B6 will help promote the immune system that fights against the virus. By producing antibodies, vitamins B6 also shortens the healing process. Besides, it boosts your nervous system and eliminates the virus which lives in there. Based on these benefits, you can take vitamin B6 from foods or supplements. The vitamin is mostly contained in mushroom, bananas, grains, garlic and spinach.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is proved that a wonderful cure for cold sores. If you’re infected oral herpes and often develop outbreaks. Vitamin C will help treat the condition. Because it’s rich in antioxidant properties, it fights the virus and removes cold sore fast. Vitamin C also increases oxygen which contributes to the healing time. Besides, it will reduce stress well that is one of the common triggers of an outbreaks. You can get the vitamin from food sources like orange, lemons, limes kiwi, strawberry. Or you can take vitamin C supplements daily.

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Vitamin D

The vitamin doesn’t only support your bones but also improves your immune system. It also prevents many chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and other diseases. Not only that, this vitamin prevents future outbreaks well. People who are lack of vitamin D tend to grow cold sores. Thus, you need to add more foods that contain high vitamin C. Besides foods, you can get the vitamin through sunlight daily.

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Vitamin E

It has powerful antioxidant components that help fight kinds of different infections. This vitamin is useful in preventing damage to skin cells. Besides, vitamin E boosts healing of your hurt skin and shortens healing process for cold sores. Thus, vitamin E is effective in curing cold sores and promoting faster recovery. You can take supplements or get the vitamin from foods like sun flower seeds, broccoli, peanuts.

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Lysine is one of the best vitamins for cold sores. It’s an amino acid that can inhibit the absorption of arginine. Arginine is also type of amino acid but it helps the virus thrive and develop. Besides, lysine helps lessen the growth of cold sores and prevents outbreak. Thus, taking lysine will be beneficial in reducing the virus cells. You may take lysine from these foods like milk, potatoes and beans.

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When being infected cold sores, doctors may recommend you some prescribed medications. Some prescribed drugs like Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, Famiclovir are useful in curing cold sores. These drugs are effective, but they can cause side effects in a few cases. Besides, topical creams are effective for your oral herpes. In some of topical creams, ProsurX is considered one of the best creams for cold sores. It has been used widely by thousands of people. ProsurX works by killing the virus both on the surface and in low skin layer. Thus, the virus dies at the root and doesn’t have chance to become an outbreaks. Also, based on herb ingredients, ProsurX is safe and has no side effects.

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Even though your cold sores are cleared up after applying treatments, recurrences of oral herpes may occur. So it’s important for you to prevent recurrences. To do that, you should avoid many triggers that can establish your outbreaks. You need to change your lifestyle, try to go to bed early and do exercise everyday. One more thing is you have to reduce you stress and take enough rest. Stress is known as a bad trigger that causes many health problems. The more stressful you have, the more frequency of an outbreak occur. Also, you need to avoid sharing personal items. This can spread the virus to another person. Thus, it’s essential for you to reduce and avoid all triggers.

No one wants to get oral herpes. But it’s too common that everyone has an equal chance of contracting it. Taking a look at your health may help you prevent it and other infections. Moreover, it’s important for you to get enough vitamins for your immune system. This helps boost the immune function that fights the virus. It also protects yourself from recurring of an outbreak and getting other infections.


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