Foods to Avoid When Having Shingles

Shingles (herpes zoster) is an infection that is caused by the varicella-zoster. This virus is one of the herpes simplex viruses, it’s also called virus HHV3.  The varicella-zoster is the same virus that leads to chicken pox. After chicken pox is passed, the virus will stay quiet in the nervous system a long time. Then, it can revive as shingles. But, in some cases, the virus is stay forever and doesn’t cause any symptoms. It’s estimated that 1 million people get shingles in the US every year.

This infection usually occurs in older people or children who have a weakened immune system. Or people who are affected by side effects of drugs. They have high danger than other people to get this infection. Most people who had singles will not get it again. But, it’s possible for them to get herpes zoster more than once. This infection isn’t sexually transmitted diseases. But, it still has a small chance for people who haven’t had chicken pox or gotten chicken pox vaccine get shingles.

The reasons for getting shingles are unknown. But it’s suggested that herpes zoster usually happens when something weakens the immune system. This promotes the virus reactivate. Especially, the old and children have high risk to get it. And some people who get diseases such as HIV, cancer or stress a long time.

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Once getting this virus, you will fell some changes in the body. Initially, you can have headache, flu and feel discomfort. Even though these signs can be caused by a lot of different diseases, you still realize it by other symptoms. After headaches, you can feel pain, tingling or itching in a certain area. It’s because the dormant virus begins to work strongly. This pain can be occurred in the chest, upper facial region or tummy. It’s sometimes caused in hearts, lungs or kidneys.

Then, the initial skin rash will be appeared, the pain and rash will occur at the same time and on the face, eyes or other parts of the body. This usually occurs two or three days after the initial signs happen, but in some cases, the rash can show in three weeks or longer.  After developing of the rash, vesicles can occur. This is because blisters in the skin break out and create serous exudate. When passing this period, it can leave scars in your skin. Generally, shingles usually disappears within 2-4 weeks.

To lessen the symptoms as well as shorten time of the infection, you need to have some treatments. Home remedies or medication are useful for you. Besides, it’s important for you to focus on your diet. There are some foods you shouldn’t eat during your infection.

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Foods are too much Arginine 

Arginine is an amino acid, while foods that are rich amino acid will promote the development of shingles. Thus, foods contain too much arginine will work against your body and make shingles wore. Limiting foods that are very high in Arginine will be helpful for reducing herpes breakouts. Some foods which are high in Arginine should be limited, including:

–          Chocolate

–          Soy foods

–          Wheat germ

–          Nuts, including peanut butter

–          Protein shakes and drinks that are high in Arginine

–          Oats, even porridge

–          Lentils

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Processed foods

Shingles is caused by the virus when your immune system weakens, so diet is low in vitamin and nutrients will make your infection worse. Processed foods sometimes contain more toxin and low nutrients as well as mineral. That’s why you should reduce your diet with processed foods. Some foods you should avoid such as:

–          Sugary foods

–          Refined carbohydrates

–          Dried fruits

–          Bacon

–          Fruit snacks

–          Frozen dinners

–          Popcorn

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Trans fat foods

Trans fat food contains more trans fatty acid that increases the levels of bad cholesterol. Not only that, it promotes infection and makes shingles worse. Thus, you need to limit foods that are rich trans fats foods, including:

–          Fast foods like hamburger, chips and pizza

–          Deep fried foods

–          Ice-cream

–          Microwave popcorn

–          Biscuit and sweet rolls

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High acid foods

Acidic foods have been known to weaken your immune system, they also make you susceptible to infections such as shingles or oral herpes. Besides, they encourage the reproduction the virus inside the body and lead to more frequent outbreaks. All foods that are recommended to avoid are:


–          Too much red meat

–          All junk foods

–          Soda

–          Pasta

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Alcoholic drinks

High consumption of alcohol is considered to cause inflammation, affect organs in the body as well as make shingles bad. If you don’t want to develop your symptoms of shingle, you should reduce your alcoholic drinks. Some of them are beers, wines, ciders, and liquors.

Besides, you need to add more healthy foods that help in healing singles. You need to add more foods that contain high lysine such as avocados, apples, papaya, salmon, sardines or yogurt. Foods that are rich vitamin C and B vitamins are also beneficial for you. They are oranges, broccoli, strawberries, tuna and green leafy vegetables.

There are a lot of treatments to cure shingles such as medication, home remedies or other treatments. By using strong antiviral medicines such as famciclovir, acyclovir as well as valacyclovir, you can soothe the symptoms of this infection. Especially, you should keep your wound clean, avoid touching with other people who don’t have chicken pox before or who are weak. But, it’s important for you to get vaccine. It’s the best way to help prevent from developing serious signs of shingles.









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