How to Have Sex With Herpes

Sores or blisters, burning, itching and irritation are common symptoms of genital herpes. It’s caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2). These signs are visible in most people with the infection, but others have invisible ones. Thus, they spread the virus to another person. While the virus can be transmitted through skin contact, it can’t be treated completely. You only reduce risks of getting it and prevent outbreaks. “How I have sex while the infection can be spread easily” is a question asked by most people. You shouldn’t worry. Though herpes is a highly contagious infection, you still have sex with your partner if you follow these steps.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes

Using safe sex practices

Safe sex with someone with herpes should be careful as you may spread the virus to your partner. Especially if you’re having an outbreak, the virus will spread fast. Thus, these following tips may help you have safe sex.

1. Use condoms or dental dams

To reduce the chances of getting herpes, it’s essential to use condoms or dental damps. This may lower the risk of contracting herpes through skin contact. But, you should keep in mind that these protective methods can’t cover all infected areas. They only reduce risks, not get rid of herpes completely. Your partner still gets it, but using protective methods may be 90% effective of reducing herpes.

The HSV2 can spread through any kinds of sex contacts like genital, oral and anal sex. Using latex condoms will lower the rate of genital herpes. Also, consider to use lubricants. They don’t protect against STDs, but they lower friction and limit the numbers of outbreaks. They also keep condoms from breaking during intercourse.

Use condoms during sex to prevent genital herpes

Use condoms during sex to prevent genital herpes

2. Should be open to different kinds of sexual acts

Your partner may be uncomfortable with sex if you have herpes. That’s ok. There’re lots of other activities to fulfill sex life. Mutual masturbation may not increase herpes risk. Or you can try genital stimulation with hands. But remember to wash your hands immediately after contact. So, as long as you reduce the risks and find out what feels right for the both, you can try. No need to have vaginal sex, you can be creative with alternative sexual activities.

3. Avoid touching herpes blisters

Through skin contact, you may spread the virus to another one. If you’re stimulating genitals by hands, should be careful to avoid touching blisters. The virus doesn’t only transmit to your partner, but it also spreads to other areas of your body. So, wash your hands with soap immediately after contacting with herpes.

4. Avoid sex during outbreaks

During an outbreak, you’re more prone to spread the HSV to your partner fast. You need to talk your partner about refraining sex during recurrences. The duration of an outbreak maybe depend on how long you’ve has the virus and whether they’re on antiviral medications. Commonly, outbreaks last 3-14 days.

Both of you should avoid sex during an outbreak

Both of you should avoid sex during an outbreak

Discussion with your partner

Herpes may disturb your sex life. That’s why you should make a conversation with your partner. This doesn’t only help protect your partner against the infection, but it also builds trust in your relationship. To protect both of you, you should:

1. Make an appointment with a doctor

If you worry about the infection spreading, you should meet your doctor. The doctor may give some necessary tests, diagnose and recommend treatments. To make sure both you and your partner stay safe and healthy, you need to receive treatments as soon as possible.

2. Take medicines or apply creams

Antiviral medication is often used for herpes infection. Your doctor can prescribe antiviral drugs like Acyclovir, Famvir or Valtrex. These are effective in curing the infection and prevent outbreaks. Besides, the doctor will recommend to you antiviral cream to cure herpes like ProsurX. The cream is approved by FDA and made from natural ingredients. So, it’s safe and effective. You may use it to kill the virus and prevent further outbreaks.

Antiviral cream treats herpes

Antiviral cream treats herpes

3. Have conversation with your partner

It’s important to discuss about sex life with your partner. You should make a peace atmosphere and avoid using negative words like “diseases”, “infected”. All things you can do are staying in calm, talking frankly your condition. You can tell to your partner something, such as “I love you and I know you love me. Both of us want to have sex. But I need to make sure we stay safe and healthy, so I want to tell you something”. This may help your conversation better.

 4. Join herpes support groups

Maybe you feel shy or guilty when having herpes. If you need to seek support or experience, you can join in herpes group. You can share troubles and many people will help you. Finding support groups online or local community is good okay.

Herpes group support will help you share troubles and feel peace

Herpes group support will help you share troubles and feel peace

5. Get tested regularly

Couple should get tested regularly. It’s the best way to prevent STDs. Especially if you have herpes, you and you partner need to get together. Getting tested every one or two months is necessary.

Herpes isn’t as bad as you think, so you shouldn’t be worried or shy when contracting it. Instead, you need to seek suitable treatments and protect your partner against the infection. As it spreads easily through skin contact, you need to avoid sex during outbreaks. Also, having a conversation with your partner is vital. Your partner will understand your condition and protect his/her owns against herpes.


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