How to Heal Cold Sores in Your Nose

How to Heal Cold Sores in Your Nose

Cold sores, also called fever blisters, caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). The disease is contagious even you can’t see them. Although it usually occurs on the mouth or lips, a cold sore also presents inside your nose in some rare cases. Besides, it often spreads to other areas of the body or other people. Unluckily, there’s no cure for the virus causing cold sores. You only may heal them in your nose and prevent the virus by taking medications and boosting your health.

Treat cold sores in your nose

As cold sores in your nose are difficult to see, you need to find out you have cold sores or get other conditions like pimple or ingrown hair. By using a mirror and noticing initial symptoms, you can identify the infection. Once seeing blisters or sores in your nose which accompany with itching, burning and pain, you may have cold sores. But, don’t stick your finger or other objects inside your nose. They can lead to severe harm. All necessary things you can do are finding treatments. So, let’s find out some ways to heal cold sores in your noses.

1. Wash cold sores gently

Wash blisters in your nose when you notice them. Cleaning gently these blisters may help heal them and keep outbreak from spreading. You can use a washcloth to soak in warm water and apply to blisters if they’re not far inside your nasal cavity. Then, wash the cloth before using it again. Or you can wash cold sores by dipping a cotton swab in a heat glass of water if they’re too deep inside. Repeat the process 2-3 times each day.

Treat cold sores in nose by washing them gently

Treat cold sores in nose by washing them gently

2. Take antiviral medications

When cold sores are itching and pain, you should ask your doctor for an antiviral medication and take it. This will heal your infection fast and reduce complication. It also limits the chance of spreading the virus. Your doctor may recommend some oral medicines, such as Acyclovir, Famciclovir and Valacyclovir to treat them. But you should tell the doctor if you have allergic reaction with one of them. And remember to follow instruction to avoid side effects.

3. Apply antiviral creams

As cold sores present in the nose, this may not be easy to apply cream. But if blisters aren’t inside the nose, you can use some antiviral creams. Penciclovir, ProsurX and Acyclovir creams are effective for your infection. You can apply them to shorten the healing process, relieve discomfort and limit the danger of spreading to other people. In some of them, ProsurX is considered one of the best treatments for killing HSV virus. By FDA approved ingredients, it’s safe and works well.

Antiviral cream treats cold sores

Antiviral cream treats cold sores

4. Use ointment to reduce itching and irritation

Once getting cold sores, you may experience itching, burning and irritation. To ease them, you can consider to apply ointment. These treatments can be bought at some grocery store or most pharmacies. You should use a cotton swab to apply. But, these remedies are only short-term relief.

5. Relieve pain of cold sores

Blisters in your nose can be painful and discomfort. Besides ointments or creams, you can take an OTC pain reliever to reduce pain. Or you can apply ice or a cool washcloth outside of your nose to relieve pain.

Prevent cold sores from outbreaks

When contracting the virus, it stays dormant in your nerve and becomes outbreaks if meeting triggers. So, it’s important to prevent the virus from recurring. Here’re some tips to help you

1. Avoid skin contact

The infection can be spread directly through skin contact as the oozes from blisters contain the virus. Avoiding skin contact can help prevent cold sores from spreading. Thus, abstain from kissing or performing oral sex, especially during a cold sore development.

Avoid kissing during an outbreak

Avoid kissing during an outbreak

2. Wash your hands regularly

Any time you have cold sores, wash your hand before touching someone else or other areas in your body. Since your hands may keep the virus and spread to anyone else, you should clean your hands often. Wash with any type of soap that will kill the virus. And need to lather the soap on your hands at least 20 seconds to remove bacteria or viruses.

3. Don’t share personal items

Whenever blisters present, you shouldn’t share personal items with other people. This will reduce the danger of spreading the virus to others. You need to keep utensils, towels or razors for yourself when having a cold sore. Also, try to avoid sharing lip balm with other ones.

4. Reduce stress

Stress, fatigue and illness may increase an outbreak of cold sores. If you want to prevent recurrences, you need to manage them. Try to take more rest, especially when you’re sick. Or once having stress, you should reduce it by going shopping, hanging out with your friends or cooking. Doing anything you like to reduce stress. Besides, you should organize your day with a flexible plan that have time to relax and reduce your stress. Don’t put yourself under pressure.

Reduce stress by listening to music

Reduce stress by listening to music

5. Boost your immune system

Diet plays an important role in preventing a cold sore. Boosting the immune system by diet is one of the best way to reduce recurrences. You should eat foods contain high lysine and vitamin B, C like sardines, salmon, yogurt, apples, broccoli or orange. These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to boost your health. But you shouldn’t eat vitamin C during an outbreak as the vitamin will irritate blisters and make them worse.

Cold sores can occur in all people and in many parts of the body. In some rare cases, cold sores will present in your nose and the virus also reactivates many times per year. To prevent outbreaks, you should heal the virus and find out ways to prevent it from recurrences. Above tips may help you heal and prevent the virus.

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