How to Treat Genital Herpes Symptoms Naturally

How to Treat Genital Herpes Symptoms Naturally

Genital herpes isn’t a strange infection in the world, especially in the US. It’s too common that all people who are 12 years old and older have dangers of contracting it. According to the CDC in the US, about one in every six people at the age from 14 to 49 will get genital herpes. Why people at this age are so easy to contract the infection. It may be because genital herpes can be spread through skin contact. So, all sexual activities may give the virus to your body. Anal, vaginal or oral sex will increase your risk of acquiring genital herpes.

The infection is caused by the herpes simplex virus. After being infected, you may not show special signs immediately. It can takes you several days or months to develop symptoms. But ome cases don’t have any signs. Unluckily, once the virus enters your body, it will stay dormant the nerve cells and recur if possible. Then, you may have recurrences each year. But you shouldn’t worry. There are lots of treatments which can cure symptoms of genital herpes naturally.


Take antiviral medications

Even though the virus is likely to live in your body forever, medications can help relive its outbreaks. Anti-viral medicines can be used to reduce your severe signs of genital herpes. These may relieve your pain, itch, discomfort or the outbreaks frequently. Doctor may recommend some common antiviral medicines to your infection. They can be Acyclovir, Famvir or Valtrex. These medicines are useful in curing your signs of the infection. But they can cause side effects in some cases. You may have headache, dizziness and muscle aches or fatigue. If you have these signs, you should ask your doctor whether you can keep taking or not.

Besides, antiviral creams are useful in reducing your signs. ProsurX has been used and recommended by thousands of people. With antiviral ingredients, the cream is great, safe and has no side effects. It works by killing the virus both on the surface and deep into skin layers. Thus, the virus dies fast and has no chance for a recurrence.


Take supplements

Supplements are essential for those who are suffering from many signs of genital herpes. They will help boost your immune system to fight the virus. You should add vitamin B, D, A or lysine supplements. These are helpful in curing your infection. But they should be taken within 3-4 weeks at most. It’s also important for you to ask your doctor before taking them. Some lysine supplements contain amino acid that can raise cholesterol.


Use herbs

Herbs are usually safe and inexpensive in curing diseases and infections. There are a lot of different herbs which help kill your sores or blisters. Lemon balm or tea tree oil can be used to reduce your itching and painful sores. Besides, you should drink some cups of Echinacea each day. It’s good in supporting the immune system and reducing the frequency of outbreaks.


Change your eating habit

If you’re getting the infection, try to change your eating habit with healthy diet. You need to increase fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts or oil. These are rich in vitamins and nutrients that boost your immune system. Then, they help combat the virus well. In addition, packed and processed or fast foods are things you need to avoid. They’re not good for your infection and health.


Take more rest

The infection may cause many disturb your life and make you uncomfortable. Then, you’re easy to have stress from the basic things. But this isn’t good for your infection. Otherwise, it increases your signs and becomes a trigger of your recurrences. To prevent this, you need to take more time to rest. You should do anything you like and enjoy them like going out with your friends or reading books.


Wear breathable clothing

Clothing also affects your cure. Tight clothing can make your infected area difficult to breathe. Then, it increases severe signs of an outbreak and causes other infections in your genital area. Thus, if you’re dealing with blisters, try to wear breathable clothing. This keeps moisture and sweat from your infected area. One more thing is that you should choose suitable materials for your clothing. Cotton is the best choice for your clothes.


Use cold compresses

Genital herpes with sores or blisters always causes pain and itch. That’s why you need to use a cols compress to relieve your pain. An ice pack placed on your infected area will decrease your severe signs. But you shouldn’t use an ice pack that is too cold. After using, you should wash it in hot water to avoid spreading of the virus. In cases of the ice pack isn’t effective, you can use a warm compress.


Use baking soda

If your blisters are broken, you can use baking soda to make them dry. This also reduces your itch and pain. You can dip the wet cotton ball into baking soda. Then, apply it around your blisters and repeat with other cotton balls.


People who usually have sexual activities should take a notice to avoid being infected genital herpes. If you may get the infection in unlucky cases, you should try above tips to relieve your symptoms. These tips are more effective if you use them at the first time of your disease. Besides, it’s important for you to protect yourself against the infection first. Having healthy sex life, promoting your immune system and understanding the disease are useful for you. These help prevent from contracting the infection.


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