Is Epsom Salt Effective in Removing Herpes Blisters?

Is Epsom Salt Effective in Removing Herpes Blisters?

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). When the virus penetrates to your body, it stays dormant to the nervous system. Then, it can be reactivated to develop recurrences. Many people experience herpes flares in the following years. Though the virus can’t be treatable completely, you can relieve the symptoms as well as reduce the number of recurrences with Epsom salt. Not only is Epsom salt effective for overall health, but it also speeds up the healing time of herpes blisters.

Epsom salt- What’s it?

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, contains oxygen, sulfur and magnesium. It’s made up of natural mineral which is found in water. While magnesium is the second most essential mineral in the body, Epsom salt contains powerful magnesium. The mineral is effective in improving your mood, lowering stress and anxiety. It’s also useful in weight management and having better sleep. So, Epsom salt is a great source of supplying magnesium. The salt is commonly used as soaking method to relieve cramps pain and minor sprains. It’s especially used to treat herpes blisters by making them heal rapidly.

Epsom salt contains powerful magnesium that can treat herpes blisters fast

How is Epsom salt effective in removing herpes blisters?

Epsom salt can be used in treating genital herpes as it speeds the healing process of the virus. Besides, the salt contains anti- inflammatory properties. This helps relieve the pain of herpes outbreak as well as reduces inflammation because of painful blisters.

Magnesium in Epsom salt also helps prevent and repeal the virus pathway when genital herpes signs occur. In addition, the mineral removes toxins and harmful substances out of your body. Thereby, it can prevent herpes outbreak before a new recurrence occurs. Not only that, Epsom salt will help relieve the pain of outbreak as well as speed up the healing time. Some people also say that Epsom salt relieves thier pain and itching associated with herpes symptoms.

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Epsom salt also contains anti- inflammatory properties that help relieve the pain of herpes outbreak as well as reduces inflammation because of painful blisters

How to use Epsom salt for herpes blisters

If you often experience genital herpes, you should give Epsom salt a try. Use it as a soaking solution for herpes relief. To use the salt treat herpes, you need to

  • Fill your bathtub with a suitable temperature of water
  • Put a couple cups of Epsom salt in the water
  • Stir up the mixture gently to make sure the salt dissolves in the water completely
  • Soak your body for the maximum of 10- 30 minutes. The amount of time is suitable for absorption and pain relief
  • Dry infected areas with a blow- dryer (this is useful if a towel irritates your skin)

Epsom salt is very effective in removing herpes blister. If you’re annoyed by dealing with side effects of medicines, you can try the amazing remedy. It’ll help ease pain, itching and burning within a couple of days.

However, Epsom salt isn’t evaluated by FDA nor medical advice, so you should ask your doctor before using. You can try to apply ProsurX. It’s one of the best creams for herpes. With FDA- approved ingredients, the cream is safe and effective in treating herpes. It can destroy the virus in deep skin layer and prevent the virus from coming back.

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Put a couple cups of Epsom salt in the water, stir up the mixture, and soak your body in order to remove herpes blisters

Recognize the symptoms of genital herpes

To know whether you have genital herpes, you should learn more about herpes symptoms. The disease is sometimes invisible even though you contract the virus. However, your primary outbreak can occur as early as two days after infected with the virus, or as late as 30 days. For men, herpes symptoms can show up on:

  • The scrotum
  • The penis
  • The buttock (near or around the anus)

For women, the symptoms of herpes can appear around:

  • The vagina
  • The anus
  • The buttock

Genital herpes can show symptoms on the penis, scrotum, around the anus and vagina

Both men and women have an equal chance to experience the general symptoms, including:

  • Tinging and burning sensations in the infected areas
  • Blisters appear in the area that you infected with the virus
  • The blisters develop with open sores and ooze fluid
  • A crust over herpes sores appear
  • You can experience swollen lymph glands
  • You may also suffer from headaches, fever and body aches

If you experience these symptoms, should talk to your doctor to be checked. You doctor can diagnose herpes by a visual exam and lab tests if necessary. A herpes test with IgG and IgM blood testsmay help detect the virus.

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Itching, burning sensations and painful blisters are the symptoms of genital herpes

How to prevent a herpes outbreak

Reducing the number of herpes outbreaks can lower the severity from genital herpes. Also, treating herpes is sometimes frustrating. There’re some steps you can take to reduce the frequency of a recurrence, including:

  • Learn more about herpes symptoms
  • Recognize the early signs of herpes
  • Know your triggers
  • Understand how to handle new outbreak when it begins to occur
  • Consult with your doctor about antiviral medications
  • Have safer sex life 
  • Practice stress management daily
  • Pay attention to good diets
  • Practice healthy lifestyle
  • Ask your doctor before using supplements or herbal treatments

Genital herpes is a communicable disease with itching, burning sensations and herpes sores. No cure for the virus, but treatment is available for relieving herpes blisters and preventing recurrences. You can use Epsom salt to remove genital herpes as the remedy contains more magnesium that eases pain and speeds the healing process.







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