Life After Genital Herpes Diagnosis

Life After Genital Herpes Diagnosis

Many people have been diagnosed with genital herpes nowadays, especially in the US. It’s estimated that one in every five Americans is infected. This disease has effect on psychology, emotion and other sides in lives of people. Genital herpes with many blisters that appear in sensitive area can make people feel shy and guilty. Although there is no cure for the infection, knowing to cope with it may build your confidence.

The ways you get genital herpes

Genital herpes is a highly contagious infection. It’s the second sexually transmitted diseases in the US. So, all people have an equal chance of contracting it. Especially people have unprotected sex activities. The infection can be spread through skin contact when having sex without a condom. All sex activities like oral, vaginal and anal sex with an infected partner will increase your danger of getting genital herpes. Thus, if you or your partner gets the infection, try to have no sex activities. Or when the condition is mild and doesn’t have outbreak, using a condom may be the most effective way to protect yourself from genital herpes.

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Not only that, kissing or touching the blisters will give you a chance to have it. The infection can be transmitted even when it doesn’t have any symptoms. Half of all people with genital herpes don’t have special signs until their partners are diagnosed with the condition.

Genital herpes has an impact on many aspects in lives of people. It doesn’t only have effect on emotion but also affects sex life of most people. A lot of people can’t find out the ways to cope with it. Then, they become more scared and shy. But if contracted the condition, you shouldn’t be worried. You can cope with it by these tips.

Cope with the genital herpes diagnosis

 Most people usually feel angry and shy after being diagnosed with genital herpes. They’re so shy that don’t let anyone knows. But in fact, people can get the infection without sex activities. Genital herpes may produce mild symptoms when their bodies suffer other infections or taking too many medications. If you’re diagnosed with the disease, you shouldn’t think that it’s a guilt thing. A lot of different people like you, they’re also living with genital herpes. It’s a common disease, so it’s good for you to delete your shame and let your friend or parents know. You need to receive support from them that help you cope with it.

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In case of getting the infection through sexual activities. You should think about it. Who gave it to you? How can you get it? Then, you can tell your doctor about your disease. You may be spread from your partner, so try to talk with him or her about your disease gently. Coping with genital herpes diagnosis will help you be confident to deal with other problems of the infection.

Cope with genital herpes in a relationship

Many people with the infection suffer lots of symptoms. This leads to emotional problems and may cause depression. They even scare of dating or having sex with their partners. In their mind, having genital herpes and ending of sex life are the same things. But in fact, this is untrue. Many people with the infection still have sex or dating normally. It’s depending on thinking. If there are no outbreaks or blisters in genital area, you can wear a condom to have sex. Although a condom can’t protect you totally, it reduces your risk of contracting the disease.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho genital herpes in a relationship

In a relationship, having mutual respect and trust are important. Telling the truth with your partner will help understand each other. Not only that, it keeps your relationship longer. You deserve to be loved and receive respect from your partner. So, you need to share your problem with him or her to maintain your relationship better.

Cope with genital herpes day to day

When being diagnosed with genital herpes, it’s important to change your lifestyle and have some treatments. Taking medications, supplements and vitamins are essential for you. The immunity system need to be provided enough vitamins and nutrients that fight against the infection. Thus, you should add lots of vegetables, fruits and lean meats in your diet.

If your infection isn’t improved, you can take medications. They can be pills or creams. Doctor can recommend you Prosux. This product has been used widely. It’s used to treat herpes both oral and genital herpes. Unlike other products with temporary treatments, Prosurx works in lower skin layer. Thus, it can treat herpes and prevent outbreak effectively.

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Not only that, it’s important for you to change your unhealthy lifestyle. You shouldn’t go to bed late with any reasons. Also, you try to avoid fast food and caffeine or alcohol. These foods may prevent your genital herpes treatments.

Cope with a genital herpes outbreak

Outbreaks of the infection can occur frequently. There are many triggers can lead to genital herpes reoccurrence like stress, fatigue and other infections. So, you need to avoid them and practice healthy habits. Knowing how to limit triggers can enable the infection to stay quietly for a long time:

– Taking rest and getting enough sleep

– Eating healthy diet

–  Supporting your immunity with vitamins and supplements

–  Doing exercise

– Limiting stress and emotional problems

– Practice safety sex life

– Having no sex activities with strangers

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No one wants to get genital herpes, but people can get it easily. The infection is so common, so you shouldn’t be shy or guilty when having it. Coping with it will help you be more confident in your life. After that, you still have happy and successful life like other people.



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