My Battle With Genital Herpes

My Battle With Genital Herpes

I know a lot of patients who get genital herpes are usually ashamed or feel terrible. They intend to be single in their life because of their disease. Like them, I also used to have hard time to face and overcome it. As a patient with herpes, I want to share my story with everyone who is diagnosed with genital herpes to make them believe in their life.

I was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 years ago when I was 20. It would be a beautiful age in my life if I had not to face with it. At that time, I lived far from my home to study at the Ohlone College in California. I met him (my boyfriend) in this school, he was my countrymen and older than me 4 years. We began to have date after 2 months. I got genital herpes from my partner. He did not wear condom when having sex and even did not know he had it.

After 5 days, I felt itching and uncomfortable in genital area. Then I realized that blisters was appeared, I also felt a little bit fatigue but I did know what happed to me. I told with my best friend, she advised to go to the hospital that can get tested because my symptoms was similar with her sister who got genital herpes. And you know? I was shocked at the news of my genital herpes. I did not know what I should do and how I could I solve it. I blamed my disease on my partner in my mind because of not wearing condom. I was petrified with a lot of ideas in genital herpes forum that patients should break up with their partner and could have face with the single world. Some others said that patient should find another boyfriend. I cried so much and felt terrible with genital herpes.

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I thought this disease pessimistically and when I was on the verge of psychology crisis, I told it with my boyfriend. He was also shocked too because he didn’t think he got it. But he still told me keeping calm and he would be beside me, we would have treatment together. At that time too, my best friend gave me a lot of evidences that genital herpes patients still had a happy life. Her sister who got it 3 years ago had a happy family with a pretty baby or her friend still got married to good man. Everything would be fine, I thought that. After that, I and my boyfriend went to the hospital and received doctor’s directions. Luckily, doctor said that we could do anything we like. Even we have a baby like other people when we had right treatment and combination between drugs and diet habits.

You know what happened to us. We are a happy couple now, and we are going to get married in next year. Even though outbreaks sometimes occur, I still have way to defeat it. I want to tell that everything will be good if you think it is not worse, your life depends on your thinking. I used to think genital herpes is so horrible and my life bad too. But when I change my thought, my life also change better as I think. Now, I want to share with you my battle against genital herpes that help you get more hopeful to overcome it.

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First is doctor gave me some kind of drugs. They characterized in treating genital herpes such as acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir (Famvir), valacyclovir (Valtrex) and prosurX. Until now, I and my boyfriend still have used prosurX because of outbreaks. You know, this disease will not defeated completely, it sometimes has outbreaks. So, this product is useful. It is used for oral and genital herpes treatment, especially it clears active outbreak rapidly and stops herpes outbreaks before they star. When outbreaks occur, I use it again to apply the hurt, and it is effectively.

Secondly, we focused on our diet. We ate a lot of food with rich nutrition such as:

– apples, pears, oranges

– beans, broccoli, cauliflower

– yogurt, lamp, fish

– more food with vitamin C.

You know that they are useful for creating more energy in the body that can help it against to genital herpes. At that time, we added one of these food in daily meals and we continue to maintain this good diet habit until now. The doctor also advised us to avoid food and drink that contain alcohol, fatty or cholesterol such as wine, beer, fried food. Because it made some symptoms like fatigue, aches and skin inflammation worse. I think my diet is a good supporter in treatment process.

Thirdly, remembered using condom when having sex. You know I used to feel bad when hearing that genital herpes patients should not have sex because other person can be transmitted. In fact, we still have sex even when we get it, but we have to use condom and just have sex when there is no outbreaks. I think patients with genital herpes can have sex and have a baby if they control it by treatment properly.

Lastly, psychology affected the treatment. As you know, I used to think this disease in a bad way, it prevented me from short time in treatment. When I calmed myself and though better, my treatment was good too. So, the better your thinking, the more effective your treatment.

That was my hard time when facing with genital herpes, but everything is fine and I am satisfied with my life. You know? I’m a happy girl now and I’m so lucky when having my boyfriend, he is always beside me during treatment and help me feel good as well. I know what genital herpes patients face and understand how their felling is too. so I shared my experiences with this disease that can help them overcome it confidently. I hope that with my sharing, patients having herpes can get more information to against genital herpes and make their life is worth.

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