My Review of Prosurx

My Review of Prosurx
Herpes is a common infections that caused by HSV virus. There are more than 100 kinds of HSV, most of them do not cause any serious health problem. But the other ones can lead to more serious symptoms, especially virus HSV type 1 and HSV2 type 2. HSV-1 often causes cold sore, and HSV-2 usually leads to genital herpes. But it can be both types of herpes simplex to infect either area. It is estimated that more than half of Americans have cold sore, and about 1 out of 6 Americans has genital herpes. So the chances for people have herpes are always higher than the ones they think. Although herpes cannot treated completely, you can control this disease by treatment properly. And the most important is you will find out good products or drugs that specialize in herpes treatment.
As you know, there are a lot of products on the market for treating cold sores and genital herpes. But some of them just take your time and your money without lessening symptoms. Like you, I got herpes 5 years ago (now I’m 25) and also have used a lot of different products but they didn’t bring good results as I thought. I have struggled with them for as long as I remember. But, after that hard time, I have found good product for myself to treat genital herpes. It’s a good quality product and used by thousands of people every year people with herpes. The product I want to show is Prosurx.

Why I choose Prosurx

Before using Prosurx, I used many different types of drugs or products, but they aren’t good as they advertised. At the first time, my herpes disappeared after 2-3 days using the product. I thought that they are good but every two weeks, outbreaks have occurred. It means that these topical products are limited to killing only the virus on my skin’s surface. So I feel bad in products I used. Currently, I’m not worry about my outbreaks because of having Prosurx, it’s a good product that I have tried.
I know this product through my sister. She is a doctor and she gets a lot of good feedbacks from her patients with this product, so she told me should try it. Prosurx is actually approved by the FDA, it is also tested by the (CePT) Center for Preclinical Research and technology. That’s why it is safe and has no side effects. It is effective against various genital herpes, cold sores, facial herpes and herpes simplex. Unlike products I used before, this product solves the herpes and eliminates chance of recurrent outbreaks. It is effective both on the surface and lower layers of my skin.
When my outbreaks occur, it makes me shy and feel pain, uncomfortable, especially is painful during urination. Some people also ask me why I get this herpes, whether I have sex with other partner or not. I’m so shy when herpes come back again. But now, I’m not worry about that.
Whenever outbreak occur, I use a cotton swab to apply Prosurx directly on the site of the outbreak. Then I relax while the outbreak heals, I use it 3 times a day and my cold sores disappear in 5-7 days. Or even when I feel a pending herpes outbreak will occur, I use Prosurx to apply that site again. This way can help me prevent the outbreak appear. The sooner you apply it, the better your results will be. With this product, you can use it to treat cold sores and facial herpes as well, because it is designed to lessen the severity of the symptoms connected with the disease (burning, tingling, itching and general pain).
Besides, it helps recovery quickly. I used to think Prosurx is the same with previous products I used. It just reduces the pain and hides the virus under skin, after that HSV viruses are re-activated. But you know, as from using Prosurx, there is no outbreak occur. It’s been about 5 months since my first outbreak, I still hope this product is the best for me and a good choice for you.

The Prosurx’s ingredients and how Prosurx works

Although Prosurx has a good effect on herpes treatment, you need to check the ingredients. This way can make sure that Prosurx doesn’t contain any substances that you are allergic to.
Prosurx is made from:
– Melissa Officinalis that kilss the virus on the skin surface.
– Prunella Vulgaris that binds to virus to the HSV virus and stops it from penetrating host cells.
– Tea tree that keeps the virus from replicating and strengthens immune system.
– Aloe Vera that soothes skin irritations and rashes.
– Geranium Maculatum that relieves itchy skin conditions.
– St John’s wort that heals bruises and scrapes
These ingredients are effective to kill Herpes virus rapidly and prevent it from spreading to healthy cells. Besides, they penetrate the virus hiding in the deepest layer of the skin that prevents outbreaks.
When you get HSV virus or outbreaks occur, you can use Prosurx to treat it, so how it work. The first is nanoparticles will destroy the virus on the surface and in lower skin layers. The second is HSV viruses hiding underneath are targeted. Next, they are completely eradicated and finally, all HSV viruses healed completely. Because Prosurx defeats the virus hiding underneath, the outbreaks cannot occur.

How I can buy Prosurx

Prosurx is current only available at selected pharmacies and some clinics. So you can still buy it on offline distribution channel such as Amazon. I also use this website not only its prestige but also faster delivery.
Some people told me this product is not cheap, but I think it’s reasonable price. It’s because I used a lot of products before, the price of them are the same or higher than the one of Prosurx. They aren’t cheaper than this product. So I think Prosurx is a good product because of its quality and reasonable price.
After using a lot not effective products, finally I can find the most suitable one for me, it’s Prosurx. Until now, my outbreak doesn’t occur. I hope that you also can choose right product to control herpes like me.

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