My story and My Opinion on ProsurX

The hardest part of carrying herpes is keeping it secret. Despite the fact that millions of people suffer from them, yet nobody really want to talk about them because of shame, guilt, and many other reasons. It’s the same for me too with all the hardship that I have been through (I have yet to tell my parents a lot of people that are close to me because I’m afraid I might lose them), but I think it’s enough. This is who I am and I want to tell my story to the world today. Not only that but I also hope that my story and my advice will help other people in this battle that we all fight. So this is my story about how I realized I had herpes, my experience with doctor prescribed treatments, and how I finally discovered ProsurX, which now is my go-to for outbreaks.

I don’t really know how to begin this. I’m still not sure exactly when and how did I get infected. I’m not the type to sleep around with tons of girls, and I always make sure to use protection. Regardless of how I got herpes, HSV symptoms started to appear while I was in a monogamous relationship with a girl I really liked.

Everything started when I realized two or three small pimples appeared in my genital area. At first, I wasn’t really worried and passed them off as some normal random pimples. I didn’t have a fever or anything. After 2 weeks, they subsided so I didn’t really care. However, they came back with a greater volume with blisters and painful sores the next time. I freaked out. I immediately went and got myself check. That day was the day I felt like it was the end of the world, and deciding to tell my girlfriend was the hardest thing I have done.

It was the hardest and the most painful conversation to have. She started crying and yelling at me saying that I cheated on her because she hasn’t shown any symptoms whatsoever throughout the last 8 months we dated. I denied it because I NEVER CHEAT ON HER. Plus, just because you don’t have any symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t have herpes because you can still pass on HSV. Fortunately, she believed me in the end after lots of huge fights and we set up a doctor appointment.

I was not informed nor knowledgeable at all about HSV or herpes. Even though I knew it was a doctor, I still felt ashamed talking to him. Due to my inexperience at the time, I listened to everything my doctor said regarding advices and what medication I needed to take. He prescribed me with valacyclovir (Valtrex). It is a type of drug that is taken in pill form. He said to take it every day for preventing outbreaks from happening.

Desperate as I was, I listened to him but I also researched about Valtrex on my own. It seemed to work for a lot of people but also has side effects (sometimes severe) for others. Unfortunately, those side effects happened to me. After about more than a month of taking Valtrex, I started to vomit a lot and bloody diarrhea. My mood changed and I became way more depressed than I usually was before. I sometimes even felt dizzy during the day. I knew there was something wrong so I decided to stop taking Valtrex. As you might have guessed it, those side effects went away! I also stopped going to that doctor and started to research about treatment for my own good.

Natural ingredients seem to be used a lot in various products in the market. There are positive reviews regarding the effectiveness of those ingredients. However, I was still skeptical about those topical cream products because I didn’t believe natural ingredients would really help with herpes. I also tried Avebra (which was the most popular treatment for cold sores) and it did not really help me a lot either. As I was desperately looking for help, I came upon ProsurX. They have all the natural ingredients I’ve read about plus utilizing nanoparticles (a new way to treat HSV due to their anti-viral trait). It was the perfect choice for me because they combined natural stuff and nano-technology. Apparently, this is a new generation of herpes treatment because not many companies use nanoparticles to get rid of HSV viruses hiding underneath that cannot be reached by normal ingredients. $54 for a package seemed to be worth a try for me so I immediately put in my order.

ProsurX’s website was very professional with very detailed information regarding their ingredients, nanoparticles and how their product would heal outbreaks. I was provided with a deeper understanding about herpes and how nanoparticles would be a new more effective way to treat them. On top of the fast delivery, they were very discreet. My transaction info and even the package itself did not reveal a clue about the fact that I have herpes. I know I talked about how I am not ashamed anymore but before telling this story today, I was very self-conscious about it. The overall first impression with the company was great.

I was hoping to not ever go back to my doctor again because I don’t like having some other guy to examine my genital. I was also hoping that I would never have to go through any of those horrible side effect. I had really high hope for ProsurX after what I read about them. First thing I noticed when I applied the white cream (smells like lemonade) was that the pain from my sores numbed and felt so much better. The annoying and painful irritates went away shortly after I put it on. Even though the outbreaks did not go away as fast as they advertised, but literally they all disappeared the day after. I felt so happy I almost cried telling my girlfriend about it because we decided to only have sex whenever I don’t have breakouts.

My relief was absolutely indescribable. I wouldn’t have to worry about breakouts again because I have found my solution for them. I feel much more in control of my life again and that there is help that I can easily afford. I and my girlfriend are still together, and now my herpes are less of an issue. She still hasn’t gotten any symptoms, and when I do, I put on ProsurX cream, and it’s gone in a few days without much pain. We still wait at least 7 days before having sex after an outbreak, and I rarely have more than two outbreaks a year so it is really not bad at all. One day, maybe we will have an actual cure for HSV, but until then I will make sure to have a bottle of ProsurX with me.

In the end, my story was meant to tell you that there will always be solutions if you look for them. If the doctor’s prescription works for you, that’s great. If not, there are always other options out there. Be honest with your loved ones, if they truly care for you, they will stay around and support you. Don’t be ashamed. Accept it as who you are now and move on. Don’t give up. I hope my story did help you on your battle against herpes. You are not alone!



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