Stop Cold Sores- the Best and Worst Foods You Should Know

Stop Cold Sores- the Best and Worst Foods You Should Know

Foods play an important role in boosting the immune system which helps prevent you from getting diseases. A weakened immune system will lead to lots of illnesses as well as infections, such as cold sores, genital herpes and fungal infections. Also known as fever blisters, cold sores often occur in most people who have lowed immune function like children, the old and sick people. So, if you want to treat and prevent them, the best thing you can do is to boost your immunity with foods. But not all foods are beneficial. You need to know what foods you can eat and kinds of foods you should avoid when getting cold sores.

As you know cold sores are a contagious highly infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Most people can get it through skin contact by sexual activities, kissing infected people or sharing eating utensils. You can be so shy once contracting the infection due to its appearances around your mouth or on your lips. Besides, sores may cause difficulty in eating or drinking because of burning and itching. Unluckily, there is no cures for the infections. But, treatments can help you to relieve it.  Some essential oils are useful for cold sores. Besides, antiviral creams, medicines and foods are effective for curing cold sores.

The best foods to stop cold sores

1. Foods are rich in Lysine and low in Arginine

Many studies show that lysine is able to eliminate the herpes virus while arginine is believed to create herpes outbreaks. Thus, a diet low in arginine and rich in lysine will help control cold sores effectively. But most foods containing protein include both lysine and arginine. So, you need to be careful to choose lysine foods. The good news is some foods like nuts, seeds and yogurt are high in lysine. You can eat them more.

Lysine foods for cold sores

Lysine foods for cold sores

2. Foods are powerful vitamin E and vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered to deactivate variety of viruses, including HSV. Also, vitamin C helps reduce stress- one of the trigger of cold sores. Not only that, it increases your ability to absorb iron which helps shorten the healing time. When combined with vitamin E, they create an excellent component curing the virus. The antioxidant and immune- boosting properties in vitamin E will have great effects on curing cold sores. So, increasing foods with vitamin E and C like potatoes, olive oil and broccoli are useful for your infection.

3. Foods are high in vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is known as an essential vitamin in boosting your immunity. Besides, it creates more antibodies that kill the virus and shorten the healing process well. With these benefits, you should add more vitamin B6 foods. Bananas, mushrooms, bananas, garlics are effective for your infection.

4. Foods contain more zinc

Zinc is famous for its ability to stop viruses, including the virus causing cold sores. Supplying zinc also boost your immune system well. You can find zinc in oyster, nuts, poultry and legume.

The worst foods you should avoid

1. Arginine foods

Normally, arginine is an amino acid that is useful in improving blood flow. But it’s not good once you get cold sores. The virus needs arginine to thrive and develop. So, eating too much arginine will help HSV stronger and make your condition worse. Also, it creates many outbreaks after that. Some high arginine foods are chocolate, turkey, Pork loin or pumpkin seeds.

Arginine foods increase cold sores

Arginine foods increase cold sores

2. Processed foods

These foods aren’t seen healthy in your diet. They contain lots of toxins and chemicals which prevent healing process. This makes your immune system weak and can’t fight the virus. So, junk food, snack are foods you need to void.

3. Acidic foods

Acidic foods will increase your pain, especially when fever blisters are open in weeping stage. This can lengthen the healing time. So, to avoid stimulating an open cold sore, you need to avoid acidic foods like oranges, lime and pine apple.

Besides food, you can apply antiviral creams at the same time to treat cold sores fast. There’re lots of antiviral creams for the infection. These are Abreva, Acyclovir and ProsurX creams.

–   ProsurX  has been used to stop cold sores widely in the market. It’s recommended by lots of doctors and thousands of people. By using FDA approved ingredients, it penetrates into deep skin layers and kills the virus effectively. Then, you won’t feel tingling, burning, itching any more. Also, this cream will help you prevent further outbreaks.

Antiviral cream stops cold sores

Antiviral cream stops cold sores

–   Acyclovir. The cream can shorten healing time of cold sores well. Even though the product doesn’t prevent outbreaks, it works by stopping the development of the virus. So, you should apply it to affected area about 5 times per day and wait results within several days.

–   Abreva. It’s a famous cream for cold sores. You can use it to stop pain, tingling, itching and burning of the infection. Besides, Abvera works by blocking the virus to reduce your symptoms. But it doesn’t help to prevent recurrences.

The right types of foods will help to relived discomfort linked to blisters, while wrong types can cause pain to feel shy. Thus, the important thing you should keep in mind is to take a look at your diet. Try to eat the rights kind of foods to treat cold sores. In addition, you need to understand triggers of cold sores to prevent outbreaks like stress, fatigue, sunlight and cold weather.







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