Why You Should Not Feel Bad About Having Herpes

Why You Should Not Feel Bad About Having Herpes

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United State, herpes is transmitted to a lot of people. Specifically, one in five teenagers and adults is infected genital herpes. Woman are more likely infected than man and one of four woman will have herpes. It becomes one of the most common diseases in the world. But, patients are shame and feel too bad when getting it. They intend not to let anyone know the disease, especially when having genital herpes. This means they lead their condition become worse without purpose. In fact, herpes does not lead serious problem health, so people can face with it without shame.

Herpes cannot be showed even the patient gets Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

Herpes is caused by the virus HSV type 1 and HSV type 2. For genital herpes, the HSV 2 usually cause it. And the HSV 1 can cause cold sore. They can be spread to your body through skin to skin, sexual life or sharing personal items. While some peole can realize these symptoms, other one may be not. After getting this virus in few days, they will feel itching, tingling and appear some small blisters. They are initial symptoms that make patients feel uncomfortable and painful. After that, they can be headache, muscle ache or fever.

Besides, some of them do not feel any symptoms in their body, they think that their health are fine. They do not know they got HSV already. Then, they spread the virus to other people for not purpose. And the number of patients have increased.

Although it does not cause health problem , the disease can cause more complications. When having this virus, it will be existed in body forever. After that, outbreaks can come back and prolong in a long time. If the herpes appears in eyes, it can result in eye disease seriously, including blindness. In case outbreak is prolonged, it can cause more serious problem such as mouth or brain cancer and penis cancer. A woman who has herpes is pregnant can pass this disease for her baby. Her baby born with herpes can have skin, brain, health problems, or even die with 50%.

Herpes can be prevented

Even though herpes can be transmitted to other people easily, you can prevent them from safe life. The first one is to focus on hygienic regulations, especially personal hygiene. This way can help you fight against HSV. The second thing is to avoid sharing personal items because of skin to skin transmission. The third is you need to pay attention to sexual life. If you have a bad sexual life, it means that the virus can be spread to you quickly and easily. So you should use condom when having sex or it is better when not having sex with the stranger. And the last one is diet, adding more vitamin food in the body is also a good habit. It will create more energy for your health to defeat the virus.

Herpes can be prevented from healthy life and good habit. But you get this disease unfortunately, how your felling is. Some patients with herpes feel ashamed and uncomfortable. the others don’t want to let anyone know. Some of them become pessimistic and nervous when getting it, especially genital herpes.

The reasons to feel not bad when having herpes

In fact, herpes is a common disease, so everyone also has risk to have the virus in the body . Based on these reasons, you can overcome it without shame and should not feel bad or terrible.

The first one, it is a common disease. Everyone can get it, so why you feel bad when a lot of people having it like you. Contracting the virus does not show that you did a bad way or stupid. It is similar with other disease like diabetes, gout, lupus or all diseases. One of six people have herpes, it is also likely one in eleven people get diabetes. That is why herpes need to be known and treated. You should not feel bad about it.

The second one, there are several ways to take care your health. If you get herpes, you also have a lot of ways to reduce the symptoms and pain. Treatment by drug can lessen the length of an outbreak, and the speed up of recovery is also shorter. Using drug daily can protect yourself and reduce the frequency of outbreaks.

The third one , you deserve to be loved. Like other people, patient with herpes are worth of love. You can get herpes with a lot of reasons, so do not bother about your herpes, it is nothing. Herpes is not scary as you think. Moreover, you can find out a lot of different ways to protect you and your partner, one of them is good life habit. Thus, you should open your soul and receive love from other ones, do not pay more attention to your disease.

A medical visualization of a bunch of Herpes Virus on natural Background. 3D Illustration.

The fourth, it is to have many ways to protect your partner and other people. You can have herpes but it cannot be transmitted to other people when being carefulness. By focusing on personal hygiene and avoiding to touch your hurt with other ones, your family or friend can not get this virus . For your sexual partner, you should use condom when having sex. It not only protects the partner but also help her/ him avoid different diseases.

The last, is herpes does not say about your sexual history. You can have boyfriend, girlfriend and even you have sex with them. But getting herpes does not mean you have a bad sexual life before. It is also spread by different ways with a lot of methods. Hence, you should not feel ashamed if someone knows you have herpes.

In generally, herpes can make you feel uncomfortable and painful in eating, drinking or doing other activities in life. But is does not mean you have to be shy or bad about having it. With above reasons, you should not feel bad about having herpes and can live confidently.







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